About Digit

We are a team of professional musicians, technologists and educators who love music, so we’ve spent our lives listening, making, playing, performing and teaching it.

We want to share that knowledge with you.


Our Mission

is to remove barriers to music through innovation and easy-to-use technology, supporting musicians of all abilities and disabilities to develop personally and professionally.

We are solving a problem for all the music lovers that always wanted to be able to play an instrument and make their own music. We make it fundamentally easier for them to reach their goal. And for anyone who is already making music, a new way to be creative and have fun.

Our music-making system is a simple to use and cost-effective instrument for non-specialist and specialist music teachers, educators, therapists and students.

Our services and products aim to make the music industry more diverse and welcoming to everyone. We actively advocate for underrepresented groups and therefore, set up and deliver projects that will work expressly with specific groups to increase their chances of accessing the services we provide. We will, however, also work hard to ensure that all individuals who fit the criteria for employment or access to our services truly have the opportunity to access and benefit from what Digit Music can offer.

We use technology as a creative tool to support people of all abilities and disabilities to realise their musical potential.

We are members of the Music Industries Association (MIA), PRS, and Musicians Union (MU).

We achieve our mission by:

Delivering inclusive workshops that promote progression routes into the creative industries.

Using Cmpsr, our digital musical instrument for composition and solo or group performance.

Giving teachers, music leaders and hubs the confidence and skills to use technology as a musical instrument in the classroom.

Thinking differently about disability and taking action to recruit, retain and develop disabled and non-disabled people.

Creating and promoting access to music production and performance opportunities.

Listening, learning, and being open to change.

Connecting our creative learning experiences to our commercial music services.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

We recognise that both the people who work for us and those who use our products and services are all individuals with different needs which may impact their ability to use and enjoy what we offer as a business.

Our products and services are designed to give access to those who may usually encounter barriers and we will continually review our practice to ensure that we are being as actively inclusive as possible.

As disability-confident employers, we actively recruit from underrepresented groups and place inclusion at the forefront of all business decisions aiming to never knowingly or unknowingly create barriers to access to our products.


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