Our Story

Digit Learning is the education arm of our industry-leading music tech company, Digit Music.

With 30+ years of teaching, educating, performing and obsessing over music, we decided to start Digit Learning.

Following the same mantra as Digit Music, we believe music should be available to everyone.

By utilising our years of experience, we’ve developed innovative resources and technologies that can help you in the classroom, today!


How We Got Here

It all started with CMPSR®. Whilst working with the Able Orchestra, founder Si Tew was battling with a constant issue: the current options for disabled musicians just weren’t good enough. Over the next few years, the Digit team worked tirelessly to develop the industry’s first joystick-based MIDI instrument, CMPSR, and its companion, Arrownotes®, a multisensory gamified music notation.

Fast forward and CMPSR has gone on to be accredited with the Innovation Award by Computer Music, receive the coveted ‘Tech4Good‘ award and be found across Google’s headquarters. Combined with Arrownotes®, the joy of composing and performing music is available for all levels and abilities!

Taking that level of innovation, we’ve employed the same level of industry-led passion and detail to provide resources that make digital music easily available in the classroom. From CPD & training to our groundbreaking Learning Resources, it’s our mission to help educators navigate the new music landscape!


We achieve our mission by:

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Accountability and Ethics

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