CMPSR & Arrownotes. An Accessible Music Education Toolkit

Understanding the 2023 National Plan For Music Education (NPME)

Bring industry focused music technology into the classroom.

Unlocking Creative Potential: The Role of MIDI Controllers in Music Education

A beginners guide to getting ‘Digital’ into the classroom. Read on..

What are ‘Arrownotes’?

Explore our revolutionary new notation system, Arrownotes!

Old Vicarage School – Interactive Workshops

Bring industry focused music technology into the classroom.

MPC Club – Music Production In The Classroom

Showcasing career opportunities in the world of Music technology, composition and the Creative Industries.

Prior’s Court: Transforming The Lives Of Children With Autism

How adapting workshops can provide maximum inclusion. A deep dive..

Pioneer House – Engaging Students Through Play

Using CMPSR as a method of engagement in SEND Schools.

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