Old Vicarage School

Teaming up with the Old Vicarage School in Derbyshire. Students were encouraged to explore world of music production, get stuck into African rhythms and begin to develop their own unique sound. Combing modern technology with classical principles, the outcomes were amazing!

The Outcome

  • Musical App exploration
  • Introduction to the sounds of East Africa via our Global Sound Culture: Kenya work packs.
  • Introduction to the music industry & working with professional artists.
  • Find out more below..

‘Really happy to know they were learning chord progressions which ties in nicely with what we’re doing in out other lessons’

‘Loved the Ethos behind Digit Music’

‘CMPSR puts a massive resource into the hands of the children’


Pioneer House

In partnership with Manchester Cultural Education Partnership (MADE), Digit Learning worked with Pioneer House teachers to develop a music careers resource and workshop, focussed on ‘Careers In The Creative Industry’. 

The Outcome

In July 2023 Pioneer House secured funding from Manchester City Council for a collaborative project, training up teachers and students to embed Arrownotes® into the schools music curriculum and to support students graduating to connect to local music offers.

“CMPSR was easy to play, pupils were engaged with the haptic feedback and the look of the instrument”

“Pupils were excited by learning about music careers for people with disabilities and enjoyed using the CMPSR.”


Drake Music Scotland

We were tasked with the challenge of increasing participation in Drake Music’s Digital Orchestra. The Digital Orchestra at Drake Music Scotland uses a wide array of technology and adapted instruments but were struggling with the current accessible options. 

The Solution?

CMPSR – Utilising our innovative music theory and performance tools, Drake saw an incredible uptake in student participation. Positivity was reflected in some glowing reviews from both pupils & teachers alike. 

 “Drake Music Scotland is always intrigued by new accessible instruments, but we’ve been particularly happy to see one come along that is so useful and usable”

“It’s the first time I feel like he’s had enough notes and expressive options in front of him, in real time, to contribute to a session. He’s been triggering recorded material but suddenly he had notes, in key, at his disposal” 

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(East London Music Alliance)

In June 2022, we took part in a Music Mark innovate project with the East London Music Alliance (which encompasses 8 hubs). Providing training for both Hub Leaders and teachers, skills were passed on the use of Digital Instruments in the classroom, CMPSR in the classroom and showcased how effective Arrownotes® can be in allowing students to ‘play together as a group’.


“This project, has helped the hubs to re-engage in a meaningful way with their SEND establishments offering them use of an instrument that is accessible and adaptable for their young people”  EDI Project Leader.

Piper Hill

Piper Hill invited the team over to deliver a selection of workshops aimed at SEND students. Covering topics ranging from Careers in the Music Industry to Composition, our real life Industry experience provided insight into the many opportunities available within the creative sectors.  

The Outcome

Digit were invited back to Piper Hill to delivery a bespoke Ipad music session with 20 members of staff, supporting and enhancing their music technology confidence.

“CMPSR equipment was well suited to all learners and allowed them to engage as much as possible with the session.”

“Digit was thoughtful prior to the session and wanted to make sure that the workshop was as relevant and meaningful as possible.”

We work with organisations such as Nordoff Robbins, Drake Music Scotland, Confetti College and BPM Rehab.



Priors Court

Tasked with working within a group of 60 young people (age 10 – 25) with complex Autism. Our tutors delivered 6 fluid sessions for students that fit the needs of the  differing engagement levels. 

Armed with a set up of 5 CMPSR’s®, students were encouraged to engage with a range of sounds by using the joysticks. With it’s onboard haptic feedback (vibrations), students enjoyed the sensory element that combined with the lower notes when performing. By quickly engaging with the included Arrownotes®, students were able to make musical choices and engage with each other. 

The Review

“Many young people wouldn’t normally be able to interact or chose to so it was very special to see”

Head Teacher

“Communicating through a different means, being able to be creative”

Student Benefits


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