CMPSR – a musical instrument that’s simple, quick and fun to play.

Anyone can be a musician.

Anyone can lead interactive music sessions.

A digital instrument with built-in keys, scales and chords for an easy and inclusive approach to music-making.


  • Education Price: £269.00 (inc VAT).
  • Portable and wireless.
  • Connects to music software on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.
  • Comes with Arrownotes its unique accessible notation system.
  • Includes education resources, classroom activities, online training and ongoing support.


Key Features:

↗︎ Accessible to all students and staff

↗︎ Robust and Battery Powered

↗︎ Comes with teaching resources and onboarding support

↗︎ Enables a range of activities from multi-sensory experiences to formal music-making in bands, ensembles and orchestras

↗︎ Included Arrownotes® materials for KS2 – Adult

↗︎ Supports STEM curriculum

“It really is a fantastic piece of kit that makes music-making accessible for all pupils.

Music Hub Leader


CMPSR offers infinite sound possibilities in the music room just through a small controller”

Music Therapist

‘It brings joy to students & seeks to engage students, develop creativity, opening professional music software up to SEND students is ground-breaking”

Education Technologist

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