Bring digital music into your classroom, seamlessly

Engage your KS2-KS5 students with Pop and Trap music using curated playlists, professional-grade audio samples, immersive ‘Construction Kits’, ready-to-use BandLab projects, and creative student activities. Get all that and more for FREE with our Digital Music Starter Pack.

This FREE starter pack is designed by music industry experts to support teachers and inspire the next generation of music producers with access to turn-key, digital composition and performance tools for the classroom. Whether you’re a seasoned music teacher or new to the digital music scene, get the guidance and confidence you need to integrate digital music into your curriculum seamlessly.

Let’s get digital!

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30+ years of music and tech industry experience.

From working with Native Instruments and Universal Music, we’re focusing our expertise on supporting schools to deliver a fresh, contemporary burst of sound into lessons and inspire students to compose their own outstanding tracks.

We understand that adding digital music to your lesson plans might feel unfamiliar and daunting. That’s why our music and tech industry experts have created this starter pack to equip you with the resources and guidance to navigate and teach ANY genre of music, connect students to the industry, and support digital composition and performance – all with pre-prepared lesson content that’s easy to integrate.

Let’s get digital!
As a teacher coming from a classical music background, I have never felt confident in my ability to teach any form of music technology and I haven’t known the best ways to integrate this learning into my music lessons. The Music Production Club, run by music producers from Digit Music, not only taught our students the fundamental skills of how to use this type of software to produce and compose music, but they also taught me, so that I am able to implement this into my music lessons.
"The Global Sound Culture pack really tackles some of the main objectives of the Model Music Curriculum and the National Plan for Music."
"In terms of communication and flexibility, the Digit Music team are brilliant to work with; they are just so responsive"

Easy-to-integrate digital music resources to engage and inspire your KS3-KS4 students

Put on a playlist! Show your students how to compose music by relating the sounds to the best examples of Pop and Trap samples! (There are TWO playlists for each genre from page 13 onward – available via a FREE Spotify account.)

Fuel their musical fire with immersive ‘Construction Kits’ that include professional- grade, royalty-free audio samples from our record label. (Simply scan the QR Codes on page 18 to get started.)

Not got access to music software? No problem! Our ready-to-use BandLab projects are ideal for encouraging students to blend the music samples with lyrics and traditional or MIDI instruments and record their tracks. (More info about accessing BandLab for FREE on page 17.)

Share their musical masterpieces with pride! Find out how to celebrate creativity by showcasing your students’ musical talents on our Soundcloud channel! (They’ll receive a digital composition certificate for their outstanding achievement.)

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