Making music alone or with friends

Every musician needs creative tools. Whether you are just starting at home or producing the next hit for a top 10 billboard artist, having the right instruments to get the job done is crucial.

Just starting out

  • Do you have musical ideas but aren’t confident with your playing, music theory, or piano chords?

  • Perhaps complicated instruments and controllers just aren’t your thing.

  • The jump from having ideas to being able to play them and hear them is huge.

Cmpsr instrument with 8 small square pads and a joystick at the top.

Cmpsr is quick, easy and fun to play

Original ideas come together in seconds when you are free to play all the right notes.


Single finger chords

No experience is needed – you don’t have to be a trained musician to have fun playing and creating your own music.

Always in tune

Choose a key and scale and play the best bass lines, melodies, and rhythms.

Seasoned pro

As producers and performers, we are always looking for new ways to help bring our creative ideas to life.

Frequently asked questions

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