Global Sound Culture


A digital music programme created in partnership with world-class musicians and recording studios.

Explore global sounds influencing music trends and scenes today.

  • Explores music in Nairobi, Kenya and Afro-fusion.
  • Bring East African culture to your students and your
  • Breath fresh life into the classroom.



Supporting Cross-Curricular Work

Learn Digital Skill, Music, Geography & Cultural Studies

Each pack contains:

  • Interviews with musicians  & Active Listening Playlists
  • Digital Skills Activities & Digital Composition and Performance Exercises
  • Pre-prepared DAW projects & Exploring Music apps and software
  • Using MIDI Controllers to Enhance Teaching & Teacher CPD Sessions


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FREE SEND and Mainstream Digital Music Starter Packs!

Explore, Sample, Compose, Share

Covering modern genres with professional content from our record label

These packs contain:

  • Walkthrough videos
  • Playlists for active and critical listening skills
  • Digital Skills building exercises
  • Mini-lesson activities
  • Ready to use commercial Audio Samples
  • Pre-made DAW projects to jump-start creativity in the classroom
  • Supports National Curriculum, National Plan for Music Education, Ofsted requirements

Compatible with various devices (PC, Mac, iOS, Android), music software and hardware to support digital music in the classroom.

Students can share their work with us and get a digital composition certificate.

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