Cmpsr is an award-winning music controller that makes playing an instrument instantly accessible and fun

Promotes musical development in disabled and non-disabled children, young people and adults

Supports the National Plan for Music Education and Ofsted Wellbeing Requirements

Joystick controlled hand held MIDI Instrument with 8 buttons (2 columns x 4 rows)

A complete music-making solution for the whole classroom

Designed to enable non-specialist teachers and others to deliver inclusive and easy-to-follow music activities and lessons

Made with user-friendly video gaming hardware and played with simple finger gestures with no previous musical experience needed

  • £216.00 Sale Price (Edu MSRP £269.00)

  • Portable and wireless

  • Connects to MIDI music software on phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and MIDI hardware

  • Robust and Battery Powered

  • Made in the UK

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Designed for different body types

Everyone has the opportunity to play and enjoy music

Comes with resources and fun activities

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Why would schools or organisations buy Cmpsr?

Accessible to all students and staff


Comes with teaching resources and onboarding support


Enables a range of activities from multi-sensory experiences to formal music-making in bands, ensembles and orchestras


Supports STEM curriculum

“It really is a fantastic piece of kit that makes music-making accessible for all pupils. It struck me that had I had access to it years ago, my GCSE composition portfolio would have been much better!”

Music Hub Leader

“An effective and enabling tool for use by both disabled and non-disabled musicians.”

CEO Community Interest Company

Cmpsr offers infinite sound possibilities in the music room just through a small controller”

Music Therapist

“Cmpsr has helped the hubs to re-engage in a meaningful way with their SEND establishments offering them use of an instrument that is accessible and adaptable for their young people” 

EDI Project Leader

“Something truly innovative that is so squarely aimed at bringing joy to students seeks to engage students, develop creativity, to open professional music software up to SEND students is ground-breaking”

Education Technologist

 “Drake Music Scotland is always intrigued by new accessible instruments, but we’ve been particularly happy to see one come along that is so useful and usable”

Drake Music Scotland

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