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Cmpsr™ is our unique, award-winning joystick-driven instrument that takes familiar mobile and gaming technology and makes it musically expressive. Each direction plays a different note and the buttons help you to sound like an accomplished musician in no time. There is no easier, quicker way to sound like a professional musician.

Perform Pack

It’s important to keep any musical instrument safe and Cmpsr is no different. Travelling to shows and moving around from venue to venue can be a risky business but the hard case included in the perform pack will keep Cmpsr safe, no matter what happens. The RAM Mount attachment means you can attach to almost any surface and ensure a tight connection so you can play with no fear of Cmpsr moving and accidentally playing a bum note. Different venues have different setups and the perform pack will work with them all – attach Cmpsr to – a table, a mic stand, a wheelchair, a desk or a flight case. The options are (almost!) endless.

Perform pack includes:

1x Hard case for Cmpsr and cables
1x RAM Mount (diamond base, short arm, Tough Claw)

Cmpsr Ensemble

Everything you need to use Cmpsr in the classroom. Just plug into tablets, laptops or mobile devices and you have 5x powerful and engaging instruments ready for your students to perform with. Combine these instruments with our curriculum-mapped activities and group exercises to get your class playing in no time. Our included Arrownotes™ notation means Cmpsr can be used alongside traditional instruments as an engagement and inclusion tool bringing contemporary digital music making into the classroom with no technical experience necessary.

Cmpsr Ensemble includes:

5x Cmpsr Devices and cables
5x RAM Mounts
5 x Microphone Stands
1 x USB Hub
1 x hard case for storage and transport

Cmpsr Education Essentials

A collection of 10x engaging activities to use in your classroom. From curriculum-mapped lesson ideas with all learning materials to exciting workshop sessions that get your students composing and performing immediately

Cmpsr Extended Activities 1

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Online/Digital Learning Packages

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