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MPC (Music Producers Club)

We work in partnership with Create, Define, Release,  to deliver music producer clubs in secondary schools in the Midlands and Manchester.

We nurture young people’s talent and creativity, responding to their digital music making ambitions, while supporting their technical curiosity as they learn and grow.  Find out how the MPC has helped develop one of the many schools that we work with below.


Able Orchestra

The Able Orchestra is an evolving project based on the principle of enabling people to create and perform music on equal terms, regardless of their physical dexterity or musical experience.

Working with project founders, Inspire Youth Arts,  Digit are proud to have been the music lead on this project since its inception in 2014.


Music Not Impossible

Based in the USA, M:NI create solutions to human problems through innovation.

Their Music Not Impossible strand focusses on giving Deaf and hard of hearing people an equal experience of live music through wearable haptic technology. Digit Music have been developing learning and festival experiences using the suits.

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