Record Label

We record library albums and compose and produce original work for film, TV and the web, including Universal Music Group, Netflix, BBC, National GeoDigit Sounds is our pro audio label, made up of independent sound creators composing inspiring and original content.

We create royalty-free samples across a variety of genres and regularly feature in the top charts on the main subscription libraries. Producers and music makers around the world use our sounds to power today’s music.

Working only with the elite, our in-house producers and musicians have performed, toured and worked with; Aphex Twin, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Bjork, Elbow, Emeli Sande, Kylie Minogue, Rag’n’Bone Man, Sam Smith, Stevie Wonder, and many more.

Featuring the world’s best musicians, instruments, and machines captured through pristine modern recording methods or vintage analogue signal paths, we’re proud of the meticulous detail given to every sound we make.

Cmpsr instrument on a white background surrounded by music technology including an OP1, Maschine, keyboard, laptop and mobile phone

Digital Instruments

Change the way you make music!

Cmpsr is a gaming-style music controller, patent-protected and hand built in Derby, UK capital of innovation. A new type of digital instrument aimed at the modern music maker.

It’s a fun, and fast way to make music, even if you’ve never played an instrument before.

A simple, portable, and accessible tool, Cmpsr allows you to express yourself musically with no experience needed to get started. Complete creativity at your fingertips.

Coloured arrows facing different directions to indicate notes to be played on Cmpsr


Built on gaming and mobile technology, Cmpsr is a familiar yet versatile performance and production tool, and the first MIDI instrument to win the Tech4Good Accessibility Award supported by Microsoft.

Arrow Notes is an intuitive music notation system based on arrows and designed to work perfectly with a joystick-driven digital instrument. Match the colour and direction to play the desired note, helping the early steps of learning music, then transition to standard notation across 3 simple levels.

Cmpsr and Arrow Notes play like a game but are built on a foundation of solid music education principles. This keeps people motivated to practice and learn, helping to make music a part of daily life.

Completely unique, our music-making system takes users on a journey from playing their first note through to writing and performing professionally to industry standard with conventional notation.

There are no limits to your musical journey, so start today.

Creative Learning

We believe that learning music should be for everyone – no matter your age or experience. We work with a wide range of formal and informal education and community provisions, as well as health and wellbeing settings.

Educators & Therapists

We bring contemporary, digital music making to life in the classroom and enable faster access to music creation regardless of ability or musical knowledge. We also make young people aware of the vast number of careers there are in the music industry.

Our unique music-making system supports educators who may have had little or no experience in leading music to feel confident.

For musically experienced educators, our system gives new ways to engage a broader range of students’ interests, especially around composition and contemporary styles of music.

Our work supports KS2 – FE, we are experienced in SEND and PRU settings.

With our combined experience and music industry expertise, we bring a fresh perspective to the education environment. We deliver workshops and CPD exploring digital music-making through new technologies, leaving you with new ideas, resources, and lesson materials.

We know that a connected and contemporary music education helps children and young people develop personally and socially as well as musically.

Young People & Community

Digit Music works in partnership with existing local music provisions and community and health settings to improve access to music making. We train local leaders to include digital music making in their practice both for long-term programme change or for project-specific commissions.

We specialise in bespoke workshops and projects that explore the musical interests of your participants. We are particularly interested in working with those who don’t get to make music because of who they are, where they live, or what they’re going through.

If you are interested in exploring what we can offer please click here for more information or get in touch.