Streamlining Digital Music Education in the Classroom

We know that starting digital music education in the classroom can be daunting. To make life easier, we give away full-length, fully mixed and mastered release-ready tracks. These are just like regular songs from your favourite Spotify playlist but in BandLab’s forkable project file format.

They’re incredibly easy to use, fun, and provide a valuable ‘look behind the scenes.’ This offers a comprehensive learning experience by demystifying aspects of digital music production such as sound design, arrangement, and the technical details of mixing and mastering.


You don’t need to be a music specialist or come from a musical background to gain insights and use them. They allow students to focus on the creative side of digital music without having to first master mixing, mastering, sound processing, and structure.

They make learning music faster, easier, and more creative, letting you and your students start exploring, making, and playing with digital music immediately and for free in the classroom.

You and your students can add and remove elements, slice, chop, and transform them, ultimately creating your own version of the track free of charge. They’re especially useful for those without a musical background, allowing students to concentrate on creativity rather than technical details.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Our BandLab Forkable Sessions

Deconstruct and Learn

Understand arrangement, sound processing, and design.

Practice Skills

Hone mixing, mastering, composition, and arrangement.

Explore Genres

Dive into new musical styles.

Professional Tools

Access sounds and presets from professional productions.

Creative Remixing

Encourage students to remix tracks into something new.


Facilitate music education with a beginner-friendly, cost-free platform.

What is BandLab?

A beginner-friendly online music studio that offers schools new routes into music. Featuring all the capabilities of professional digital audio workstations like Logic X, Cubase, or Ableton, but at no cost.

What is Forking?

Forking creates a personal copy of a track, enabling further development or collaboration. It’s a process that teaches students to rearrange, slice, loop, and more, fostering a deep understanding of arranging, mixing, and mastering in digital music production.

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