What are ‘Arrownotes’?

What are Arrownotes®?

Explore our revolutionary new musical notation system. Fast track musical performance, quickly understand theory and explore music like never before!



Performing music, understanding theory and stitching all of the bits together can be tricky. From the traditional instruments (that look terrifying) to the classical musical notation systems, embracing these complex tools doesn’t come natural to all.

It’s this barrier of entry that has traditionally lead to some astonishing drop off percentages – 85% of people who start playing an instrument have given up within 2 years.

It’s this kind of difficulty that has led to a drop off in students taking up GCSE Music as an option.

A 37.7% drop off to be exact!

Introducing Arrownotes

So, enough of the doom and gloom and back to the point at hand! Arrownotes®!  Firstly, what are Arrownotes®?

I’m glad you asked! Arrownotes is our revolutionary new musical notation system that teams up perfectly with our beautiful digital instrument, CMPSR (more on that later).

Taking the traditional musical notation system of staves & staffs, we’ve adapted this to be far more approachable and utilise something that everyone is aware of – ARROWS! ↑ → ← ↓

By associating notes of a scale with a position on the clock, students are easily able to perform famous pieces of music with little more than an awareness of direction and a willingness to get involved!

A little more detail…

Arrownotes is an innovative music notation system that represents notes using a combination of coloured arrows and directions, rather than traditional sheet music symbols. Each degree of a scale is assigned a unique arrow direction and colour, making it easier for beginners and those with learning differences to understand and memorise the relationships between notes.



The Arrownotes system is designed to make learning music theory more accessible, engaging, and enjoyable. By using simple visual cues, students can quickly grasp the structure of scales and melodies without being overwhelmed by traditional notation. This approach encourages creativity, collaboration, and confidence in music education, making it an ideal tool for teachers and students alike.

Key Takeaways 

↘Arrownotes is there to support traditional music theory and notation.

↘Students can naturally evolve from arrows to ‘the stave’ – but only if they want to.

↘By exploring music with a greater level of enthusiasm, Arrownotes allow students to:

    • Understand basic theory with great ease.
    • Witness the relationships between notes and intervals with ease.
    • Develop key listening skills.
    • Show great advances in rhythm, tempo and performance.


See Arrownotes & CMPSR in action.


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