Through our teacher network, we understand some of the difficulties faced in the classroom.

  • Lack of resourcing and isolation across departments

  • Expectation to hit subject-specific and well-being targets

  • No time for training or learning new technology

And despite all of these obstacles, still remain passionate about making a difference in students’ lives.

The National Music Educators’ Survey, highlighted a sharp rise in young people making music in their bedrooms but not engaging in the classroom with traditional music curriculum and instruments, many of which are inaccessible for those with additional needs.

Our music-making method is designed to support you in helping all of your students to achieve.


Through our instruments, curriculum-mapped activities and industry-shaped music-making, you can play, explore, create and compose using modern genres.

Our unique approach keeps students engaged by focusing on:





A picture of Cmpsr, an instrument made from a joystick and 8 buttons. The case is black and 4 of the buttons are lit up, 2x blue and 2x yellow

Primary and Secondary Education


CMPSR is practical, fun, and inclusive

with activities linked to national curriculum attainment targets in music and Oftsed well-being requirements.

Coloured arrows facing different directions to indicate notes to be played on Cmpsr


Intuitive game-like notation system so traditional and electronic instruments can perform together. Can help improve attendance, attainment and achievement opportunities through simple, quick and fun music-making.

Cmpsr instrument. on the laeft of the picture with a mobile phone connected to headphones in the centre. The mobile phone displays a piano keyboard.

Zero tech barrier

Suitable for specialist and non-specialist educators. Plug and play on any iPad, Android Phone, Macbook, or PC while reinforcing continuous genuine music-making as desired by Ofsted.

Higher and Further Education


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